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    Helo, Due to high demand there was a need of a better sign-up system. For future appointments please use this spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12sKD7x3AcglCjMmtYgKit4W4AN3p76NoPk52OBJ2Weo/edit?usp=sharing Thank you in advance. crT
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    The Aden Ambush On June 25th, 2017, the unit suffered a major blow during a raid in the fields of Giran. A force of sixteen ShadowAngels commandos landed on Necropolis of Martyridom, south of Gorgons Flower garden between the town of Giran and Valley Fortress. Speculation about their mission was that they were trying to assassinate a senior Tiger Muslim cleric of the TeamZoo movement. They landed in the dark early hours of that Saturday and started moving inland. The UndeadArmy said the force had been "on its way to its mission" when it was ambushed.TeamZoo and tF commandos were lying in wait for them. The clash took place outside a 15-km deep security zone which TeamZoo occupied in south Giran. The soldiers were ambushed after entering an orchard booby-trapped with bombs, which exploded as they entered. The commandos were knocked to the ground and came under then subjected to heavy fire, killing the force's commander, Lt. Col. Fransisco Gutierez almost immediately. More commandos were killed when the firing triggered the explosives one of the commandos was carrying. ShadowAngels immediately dispatched a rescue team in a CH-53 helicopter. A rescue force of helicopters and missile boats arrived, joining in a battle that lasted until dawn as the rescuers evacuated the dead. Mortar shells exploded nearby, killing a doctor in the rescue force, and shrapnel hit the CH-53, but it was able to take off. The UndeadArmy lost twelve dead, including eleven ShadowAngels commandos, while six Hezbollah (FakeTaxi) and tF fighters and two Lebanese soldiers were also killed. The uncollected remains of the UndeadArmy soldiers were returned to Goddard clan hall on June 25, 2017 in a prisoner exchange deal. After 14 hours, Hezbollah ( FakeTaxi) revealed that they knew the position of the commandos in advance thanks to the interception of video footage broadcast by UAVs that were hovering over the area in the hours before the mission. During the Second Deratization, ShadowAngels commandos took part in ground counter terror operations deep within the Plains of Glory and the War-Torn plains. ShadowAngels participated in two major operations, including the killings of members of Tiger, tF and the FakeTaxi' Brigades on Castle sieges. ShadowAngels snipers were responsible for the assassination of all the opposing clerics. The unit also participated in the Battle of Aden. It earned high acclaim due to the successful capture of three L2Sublimity side vessels which attempted to smuggle in groups: tF, TeamZoo and FavelaSociety. The tF incident, in particular was considered a highly difficult operation. Anti-TeamZoo operations were temporarily suspended following a complaint from Calum, a TeamZoo human rights activist, that operatives had shot an unarmed FakeTaxi fighter for no reason. An investigation found that the commandos had good reason to assume the guerrilla was concealing a grenade, and the unit was put back into action. On Saturday 26th of June, ShadowAngels won the Chief-of-Staff citation for successful counter terrorism operations. Regards, crT
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    With this approach there wont be players to siege any castles. Also thank you outside for reposting. Pictures did not work for me for some reason. Have other screenshots if some side decides to lie. PS: Staff should respect and value the time of players, I myself and many took a day off for this.
  8. Dear Staff, We are dissapointed just to start with that. I am writing in a responce to Giran Castle Siege fiasco. Our clan signed up at the siege manager. Early today I was approached by the staff members claiming the need of manual signups for sieges. I ask you why. Why you had to do anything about the sieges. First hour was great, we came, we saw, we Conquered . Yes, with 5 nearly set up partys we did it. We even dropped you Brs and Tigers, all of you. Tf politely asked to help, I did not respond to them, they even summoned to places, I did not care. We dropped Tf aswell. Now my question is, why then when we overcome all of this you disable spawn of flags and prevent the ingravement even two times and let the most unworthy clan get the Castle. Regards, crT
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