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  1. You promised that BOTs will not work after the update and that you will start warning and then ban. Well I cant see that works. First of all why should you warn someone that abuses the game and is against the rules. 2)Bots are all over the Ketra-Varka-Garden of Genesis especially on morning hours of EU,Im tired PKin them... 3)They are polluting the economy of the server. 4)Would be even better if we could see a feature like everytime you ban someone for botting an auto-announcement come with their names!Will make us all happier and I believe many people will agree that you care for the server.Till then you are busy making new things while the old ones are incomplete and people whining and cryin! I dont wanna offence the Dev Team but seriously you should focus on this! And even if the guy is donator or threat you that will take his CP and go if you ban him-them still do it,for the sake of the people who wanna play this sht otherwise its like fooling the rest of us who wanna play fair and already fckin farmed like slaves for the features you decided to put. Decide lose like the 20% of the community that are botting or lose the 80% that are not.(Maybe more than 20% are botting but anyway). Whoever feels like trolling/flaming do it in game or on the flame section of the forums kiddos Cheers -Kuzal
  2. TITO


    I respect your opinion but still on mass pve/farm Spellwholer and SPS wins! More areas like FOG got even resist to fire :/ And espcially SPS. While Necro can solo farm everywhere
  3. TITO


    Thats why I strongly believe that if Opal-Devs buff him up a bit just to be adjusted with the other casters will give to players another one choice instead of SPS and Necros.
  4. TITO


    I think Sorceror needs a bit buff up-balance compared to other casters.. Currently Sorceror got the same cast speed with Necro but without the OP CC and spells of a Necro,while SPS can reach 1900 cast speed with malaria lvl 4. Not talkin about M.attack but I think the cast speed should be Spellwholer>Necro>Sorceror>SPS. Whoever wanna flame or troll,can make a post on Flame section of the forums,I just say my opinion and I would like to reach to the devs. Cheers, -TITO
  5. TITO

    L2Sublimity Memories

    Good old times in the very 1st Sublimity <3
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