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  1. MuufinoGG

    ho ho ho

    People trully want to play xD lets go opelsnow xD
  2. MuufinoGG


    I think next year would be amazing to open... but i guess we have no awnsers regarding opening sublimity again !
  3. Exile is fine and i think will be the server that stands still for much time possible , people will not quit neither leave it if your exile project is polished in my honest opinion you gotta give some credit to spoil and crafter classes like before etc etc ,,, the old fashioned way of doing sub and noble...
  4. - Im fine with those features :)
  5. - Forum is kinda dead ... but what ideia about cosmetics isnt bad and was discussed in the past ... but nothing was done... nowadays admins pay for the clans to join in their server due the fact that this game has 14 y old and nobody wanna waste time here ... lets see if sublimity comesback with nostalogia of Elven fortress and watsup :D !
  6. - there has been a discussion about that long ago about this matter and they didnt give a shit back there they wont now... i've been asking for days to manage to do something about that but as you can see , nothing has been done ... dont wait just play as you can...
  7. i wonder why they keep letting this happen
  8. - Running Opera thats an insult to Internet Explorer lel !
  9. - It was supose to be at 9 June it ended up on being 18 june ... lel
  10. - Well server had the worst start ever , soo i guess the own server won himself , i wish it was way better than this im disapointed but meeh can't do nothing lets hope things get better...
  11. - That moment where u see a dagger 5v1 its stupidly annoying because you loose the target 100% for a minute and he can spam mirage lel and bluff? i wont even talk about it ahaha , and thats not PVP to be honest !
  12. - Yea i agree with prozacks i think they are completly fine , they still give huge damage and m.crits ! lol
  13. - LoL funny thing i tested on a friend and lethal is the oposite of that , doesnt work at all most of the times lol ! its a slow skill and there is a small chance of hiting a lethal
  14. - How do you expect to archers fight back? lol they have High crit's but if they dont have any Cc skill to fight back in a 1v1 , archer is useless , dusk shield is only a meme of Imperial crusader shield , ugly as fuck lel.
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