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  1. https://ibb.co/eFX9cF u still talking? https://ibb.co/eFX9cF
  2. To be honest it is very embarrassing I feel like it is me who put my clan in this embarrassing situation. ':thinking:
  3. ''You are meat to take dmg from real players.'' Where was that Real Players 2 month ago when every1 was playing server? you joined server this month and you are a real player already?
  4. Making topic everyday about atb killing server yet ur clan making bots to finish quest item and bug epics
  5. and if epics will spawn on NA time u can count only 1 clan and its yours so u can pve them you are the only NA clan playing on EU timezone server with EU clans i would agree with you if there was an another NA clan that can compete with you on epics but theres none
  6. American bois needs to understand theres 1 NA clan on the server and 3-4 Eu clan that means on EU Timezone raid spawn those 3-4 eu clans must fight eachther to get epic while that ''1'' NA clan can pve epics on their timezone cuz no1 will show up HOPE YOU GUYS CAN UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM
  7. THere is no way Mephisto can lose a ADVERTISE event NO WAY
  8. Add or fix party finder so solo players can find groups for gog and farm as group thank you
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