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  1. if you gonna need valakas in the next server , let me know i will give it to you from my gm char <3 200 euro +0.5 euro per month from youtube ads so in total 200.5 euro , EASY !
  2. hey pro off player sorry for letting you know that you are playing in a java platform as well... btw it is 30 buff slots since you are not able to count
  3. played and learned from the best i guess i am a good student :D
  4. 2017 community : i got +3 tate set he has +14 weapon crying about damage LMAO....
  5. as i said i have no idea who you are so i don't think i even said something about you
  6. big mouth like 90% of this community nothing new to me
  7. how can you call me a looser and at the same time unknown wtf that doesnt make any sense and who are you anyway ?
  8. i agree with you just please stop losing in every server...
  9. does harmony still hurt you so much ? couldn't do a sh1t there now even can't do a shit here with a almost double numbers..
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