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  1. alecx

    Crazy Idea!

    I like the idea,, Would be fun. Additional suggestion.. I think that the owners of the DSZ and Blood Sword Akamanah should become (while owning it) invincible.. well, near to it and quicker. I had them 3 times.. Droped it right away. Not interesting at all.
  2. From l2f .., loved the server.. I remember you. Btw, where is Treloss?
  3. Seriously, those of you who are not able to see the obvious - a direct threat to the economy of the server, are just stupid children. Such an action of this inadequate character is simply another little omission of the GM. I repeat.. in the begining this person blew the Phoenix armor price till 100k. per piece., then he became offended by the competition and decided to pose as an altruist by setting the lowest possible price.. He also didn't forget to wish us all the luck by saying (sic) " All sets 1 adena|fk you dwarfs. ." Funny, though.
  4. 'All sets 1 adena|fk you dwarfs. ' Speaking of pain in the as*)) LmAo.
  5. Agree, but 1 adena? Those who farmed their phx. materials already have enough to pay 50 or 80k. for their armor parts. I paid for mine 100k per each. Now the prices vary from 80 to 50k. Isn't it okay? My point is she/he does it just for spite.. to other crafters, which is not normal. Such an attitude create unhealthy environment.
  6. You don't have a crafter, right? Typically..
  7. Seriously....? Seems like you had nothing to say and you decicded to bs. How old are you 8.. Ok, never mind. Look, letting a char stay online for 24/7 (while playing with another, perhaps the same amount of time) and setting the prices of valuable armory, in spite to others, at lowest possible price -1 adena, already says a lot about someone's sanity.. I think people can afford to pay 50, 60, or 80k for crafting their armors. You are ruining the servers economy and discourage other crafters, our not smart and hyperaltruistic dwarf. Wait.., have you ever thaught about others.., the cr
  8. One dwarf named Dafnia (this character is definitely having some serious issues) is clearly sabotaging the server's economy by drastically reducing the crafting prices of Phoenix armory. At this moment her prices set at 1 adena. She is 24/7 online (speaking of no life and other issues)) Please, do something, because it is pretty discouraging for other crafters. There is no reason, exept madness, to reduce the prices like that. This is just not right. Don't you see it guys? https://s3.postimg.org/r6wz9baeb/Capturwwe.jpg
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