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  1. why am i banned in discord , it was them spamming not me.

  2. hatori they are forcing me to play warlord lol, I wanna play dagger , is it possible if I join you ?
  3. 2019 there won’t be any more zergs , it’s a promise
  4. it goes in dry comes out wet
  5. hit me with a msg in forum or pm Vincent in game
  6. found a recipe already , thanks for your time
  7. Vincent

    WTT PHX BOW +8, +6

    Any phx light recipes please
  8. Vincent

    WTT PHX BOW +8, +6

    Phx light recipes would be a pleasure for the +6 bow
  9. I think I was the one to bring ytp back to forums xD , so proud
  10. ytp vs brave , dagger vs dagger ,whoever wins is the best
  11. Vincent


    Ytp is more friendly than y'all, i like him
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