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  1. so opal just admitted to everyone he gave out noble and items+paying alliance leader 200 euros per week, but erdi dont belive it even when opal said it xdddddddd this server is a clown fiesta and its corrupted since day 1, not gonna waste more time on it, back to cs, lol and ow peace
  2. nice english 10/10 gtfo no items for you trash bulgarian fat nerd
  3. no items for the retarded bulgarian scrub now hes mad ahahahha no items for you and that trash clan
  4. you do realize i can buy your entire family and sell it on ebay right ?
  5. sad that your trash java leader is not getting items and is not paid 200 euros anymore and you have to quit, super sad, gone and forgotten, stupid java trashcans who dont have money to donate and ride the donkey to the fucking super market, now bow down in front of your king
  6. everyone is making fun of this guy ahahahahah they guy is literally the clown of this community ahahahha same in real life
  7. i hope you trash gr33ks quit and im sry you dont get paid 200 euros anymore you java trashcan, back to riding donkeys on java 5kx servers i never lose, yall trash, quit already
  8. you are a dumb american who cannot buff properly, who has no dyes, who is a nonfactor, you can shove that bow deep in your anus, useless
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