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  1. elhazard

    Close the server

    Sublimity Fail!!!!
  2. elhazard

    Close the server

    Poll closes this server!
  3. Told me that the Opal this with some health problems. I do not know if this is true. But a server that has so many administrators that should be no problem. I thought of one thing, pass this on to someone else to manage server and it would work as a cooperative background. We would wipe it and start all over again without and donate 100% free. And whenever the need date manuntenção the Community have would be knowing and contribute to the maintenance of the server is financially or with new ideas.
  4. no man is joke. sry. I'm just worried about this server as everyone here. I think it will close. I really wanted this wrong
  5. Confirmed he is here in Brazil
  6. thank you AudioFeels Sad but is not expected that the sublimity
  7. What is happening is that even the server will close? We have no more updates, events and had tournament heroes? What are the future plans of the server and the community? Please answer we need to know.
  8. no dude you is crazy ??? here has already been put gracia did not work out
  9. I do not play java friend good luck
  10. no events no gm online few players no updates I believe that the era of Lineage II someone here knows of any good RPG to play?
  11. elhazard


    WTT ADV ROBE pm to Elhazard.
  12. Please, Increase the drop rate of the Noble fire I do not have much time to stay after the game whenever my schedule work 4-5 hours a day and can not get much that the next day I have to wake up early. Thys!!
  13. Friends, I see clearly that this edited this photo Look better
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