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  1. Congrats to fake heroes of CF

    i gief u char, u gief hero?
  2. SO.

    way better as with you
  3. Congrats to fake heroes of CF

    I personally didn't even bother signing up for olympiad. HT is probably too much for the staff to handle. Class based oly with a fixed time schedule for each class or fully automated HT
  4. Some Suggestions

    true words
  5. yea wtf is this retarded post, just sign up in another city?
  6. Phoenix Armor

    so we need every month a new custom armor set to keep ppl entertained?
  7. olympiad participation motivation

    you get hero for it and you can buy blessed scrolls and bogs with your rewards. think that is fair enough. if you put higher rewards, this will just increase the fact that ppl make oly farmers on their alts (gladi,pp,bish,summoner) to grind points just due to the fact that their classes are way more usefull in oly than others. i mean why should i sign up as spoiler if i know there are just classes online that i can not beat? got something better to do

    lmao i like drama ...
  9. Dusk Shield Mod

    Hey guys, attached a modded file which will replace your Clan Pledge Shield with the Nephilim Lord Shield (Dusk Shield) https://mega.nz/#!1TY0xSRK!YGnDlszaO4PFQDPbIJUq139ufpzNFxoOLqdyJAmXBok
  10. WTT Tallum H set

    Majestic Robe? 2 parts +4
  11. Olympiad

  12. There is what really happens on Valakas!

    Horrible video. Windows Movie Maker 2000?
  13. Imperial Tomb Solution

    Here a small post to adress the Imperial Tomb issue. Attached a map of the Imperial Tomb. Green = Rooms worth farming. A Nuker with decent b / a Grade can easily take a whole room. Yellow = Rooms are not worth farming, because the mobs have a way too high respawn. Red = Rooms without any mobs inside. So in total we have 10 farming rooms in IT. Aka 10 people can farm IT. Quite frankly, this is just stupid. I'm logging off when it is IT time, because it is a waste of time and there are no other places to farm AA. My suggestions for a hotfix: Add mobs to the red marked rooms Reduce the respawn of mobs in yellow marked rooms My suggestion for a future patch: Make use of the Four Sepulchers Area and add drop to the mobs in there. https://imgur.com/a/E2YzPjP @OpalSnow
  14. Phoenix Armor

    @OpalSnow Just don't do it. Most of the people are still busy getting their basic gear (A/S Grade). I don't know when you are planning to run patch 1.0.5, but we are 2 weeks into the server right now and you already plan to add the custom armor? Please do not add Phoenix Armor within this year. Let us enjoy (and fix) the content we have right now. Most of the officially announced additional features are not even working and you plan on adding more half finished stuff? Same goes for the custom Shirts.
  15. Ancient Adena

    no way jose