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  1. Im not saying that one clan is benefiting from the reboots where the others are not, it's obviously bad for everyone. My point was that it ruins the preparation for everyone. And as for the pvp, i thing that it's pretty easy for Opel to deal with the CC parties, just reduce the usage of mana pots, maybe 1 MP pot per 5 seconds or something server wide, this will make the game so much fun as the bishops wont be undead and it will bring new challenges to all classes
  2. Im puzzled only about 1 thing, how come the server seams to crash 10 min before the "bigger" raid bosses ? And also why the fck the server doesnt have spawn protection, what is this 2008 ? And yeah, the pvp was kinda nice, many sides, backstabs etc is something expected, i just hope that clans dont start mass recruiting. Br,
  3. some updates are happening on the server, it should be up as per Discord
  4. Hello, I would like to say contgratz for the server. Following the open beta stage on Friday evening everything runs well. I would like to point out couple of things which i think can improve the overall game quality. Can you please create a new party zone so PI can be sent into the past where it belongs. Every Interlude server uses PI as it's primary farming location but it's boring as hell. When you decide to change the locates can we please have anything else? For example Upper levels of TOI, or Beast farm why not Enchanted valley. Garden of Eva can provide gradual increase of drops for example. The next thing i would like to point out is the p. attack of the mobs in the current party areas. The mobs do enough damage on the tanks but we are with B grade armor( even now you can tank like 4/5 mobs without much problems). If a tank gets S grade armor , he will be able to t tank without any issues 8/9+ mobs at a time. The p.attack or attack speed of the mobs will need to be increased as people start getting some A and S grade armors or you will just doom the tank class as it will become useless. Also you will need to change the health of the mobs as once players get S grade weapons the mobs will be pretty easy to kill. Of course the above can be done in 1 or 2 weeks or whenever people start getting geared up. As for events, Can you please create nice events such as team vs team or maybe last man standing. Hide and Seek and questions are rather boring. Thanks and sorry for the long post. Br,
  5. OverSealed


    Ok so its not starting today for sure
  6. Looks like couple of people are still around :D Dash, let me know what's going on.
  7. I just think that it will be a lot better if you need a tank in the party so you will need to farm the heavy armor mats as well, this will bring more diversity to the economy.
  8. Can you please tell us a bit more about the party area? What classes will be needed? (tanks+dds+fighter/mages+ bishop) or just 8 mages+ 1 bishop ?
  9. How do I get into the closed beta? Do we have the option?
  10. The prices of the SS defenetly needs to go down, its wayyy to expensive
  11. I've just managed to install it. BTW in windows 10 i got crit error, Ran the competability and the game runs windows 7 mode. Where we can register
  12. The client is downloaded but after it starts installing it fails for some reason,happens to 2 people now. No other l2 client installed on the PC.
  13. Obviously you dont know Opel :D The server will get DDoSed so hard that it will fail. I dont remmember the last time mid rate server started at the announced date lol.
  14. Opel planning for a big update. Rei, my friend do you know how many times we've seen this posted :D All of the GMs talked the talk but non of them walked the walk. Lets see what kind of events you will come up with hopefully not hide and seek lol. Im not being rude, this is the situation, Opal doesnt know how to talk to the community, this is why he said updates every Sunday and its now late wednesday in EU and still no updates worth read about.
  15. I gues another Hey Opal topic is coming lol. Wheres the actual update ?
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