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  1. People work durring saturday and sundays. For example, me.
  2. Dash

    Fighter class bug

    So yeah, add shirts that gives more p.atk. Love it. :D 10k archers incoming. And bishops get extra heals.
  3. Nerf fighters EVERYONE, titans/archers/daggers. This is so bullshit to play at the moment, archers hitting for 7k, titans for 11-12k, daggers 1 shot. And of course mages hitting for 1-2k. Discuss.
  4. Also, we are looking a cp to invite. Ty.
  5. Sure, you can farm while Im sleeping.
  6. Can anyone tell me how many sides were at aq/baium yesterday? Whos still playing ? I mean I know cf broke their ally, we broke ours, cf broke his. Who is this guy fighting with on epics ?
  7. Clan Sh4rks Ally One Looking european players that is playing active and is playing these classes. English/Mic ON. Overlord Pony buffer Tank (sk/paladin) Only 2 players.
  8. Dash

    antharas drops

    No bro, if you go to Antharas you want the earring not the enchants.
  9. Dash


    If you are a tig3r contact me, for more information.
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