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  1. In an era of server hopping neckbeards, there remain a few dedicated souls, the last faithful one's, who are simply not compromised and don't give two shits if they lose one's or twice. It's in our hands to make this last, remember many of us only play L2Sublimity, it's something that occurs once every 2 years or so. It's not only about winning, it's about playing together with your friends and having fun. Put that as your #1 priority and you won't even think about quitting. To the one's who quit for the BR server, get back online if you have the balls. Servers last more than 2 weeks. Remember 2014 Exile? TF quit 10 days claiming they ''won the server'' Exile lasted 2 months, at the end of the server noone even rememberd they played! IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LONG RUN, EITHER YOU'RE THERE OR YOU LOSE YOUR HONOR!
  2. One of the reasons for the zergs

    I'll make a radical proposal: nerf cc to the point where it won't be worth rolling a cc party. pvp will be much more enjoyable
  3. I see what you did here

    Where was the competition at barakiel yday? Hope we'll have some today, damn you guys are slow we might wait for u
  4. Tig3r

    tig3r coming full force 5 parties
  5. just call them niggers

  6. Got some info about Opal

    Opalsnow before donations: "My dear community.." Opalsnow after donations:
  7. SGC quitted already?

    damn this pedo is creating his own reality scary
  8. Star raids feedback and suggestions.

    I didnt even need to heal pedo, pls try harder next time
  9. Tig3r Party

  10. stop roasting this pedo so much guys, he's suicidal!
  11. Clanless players reunion..

    didn't you play with us for the first weeks of exile? if you need help I can give you his discord
  12. Voted for September/October. If you open in June it'll be a 1 month server as everyone's gonna leave for vacations, if you open in September you might have a 2-3 month server as last Exile. Except from that I've never played this game during summer, I always prefered playing in comfy winter times!