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  1. I didnt even read your posts tbh but yeah :D
  2. Dafuq Hush, how many posts did you make whole night? :D Should i come to TheGame to carry you with my professional healz? uheuheuehuhe
  3. I've had the most fun since the beggining on this baium. Congratz to SoloMid.
  4. Narious


    Heroes are nominated on Mondays every 2 weeks at 18:00 PM GMT +0.
  5. Buh, the server is dead i guess.
  6. - Increase EXP rate, so new people can be easily be LvL 80. - Rework on Mastered shirts, make it worth to farm for it. - Add Elven Fortress as solo zone, also you can add bogs/bews/beas/ in drops but with some kinda low chance. - Make ONLY PI as Party zone, Make it inside as chaotic with kinda boosted drops and add mobs outside with non chaotic zone. - If you add Elven Fortress, you can add a shop with Elven Scrolls like on old Exile to buy bews/beas/bogs/lifestones, if you don't, then make a shop with AA to buy these items. - Make Or
  7. Add something more on Mastered Bishop Shirt, such as bow resist, stun resist and some pdef or i dont know. It's kinda useless while other shirts are like boss jewels. @OpalSnow
  8. Nope. He made spoilers great again!
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