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  1. To OpalSnow

    I didnt even read your posts tbh but yeah :D
  2. To OpalSnow

    Dafuq Hush, how many posts did you make whole night? :D Should i come to TheGame to carry you with my professional healz? uheuheuehuhe
  3. Baium 12/17/2018

    I've had the most fun since the beggining on this baium. Congratz to SoloMid.
  4. Olympiad

    Heroes are nominated on Mondays every 2 weeks at 18:00 PM GMT +0.
  5. Last QUEEN ANT report

    I missed AQ!
  6. Some Suggestions

    Buh, the server is dead i guess.
  7. Some Suggestions

    - Increase EXP rate, so new people can be easily be LvL 80. - Rework on Mastered shirts, make it worth to farm for it. - Add Elven Fortress as solo zone, also you can add bogs/bews/beas/ in drops but with some kinda low chance. - Make ONLY PI as Party zone, Make it inside as chaotic with kinda boosted drops and add mobs outside with non chaotic zone. - If you add Elven Fortress, you can add a shop with Elven Scrolls like on old Exile to buy bews/beas/bogs/lifestones, if you don't, then make a shop with AA to buy these items. - Make Orfen and Core Lvl 80, so people dont need to make low lvl characters to kill them. Also boost a bit their stats. - Make every Raid boss 67+ Lvl 80, so we can kill them without making low level characters. Also you can add chaotic zone in some of them, so people will fight for it. - Add Frintezza. That's all for now, I've played many servers till now so i've seen great features which i can suggest them in here aswell. Server looks great till now but the truth is that Interlude community is kinda toxic. -Narious
  8. Bishop Shirt

    Add something more on Mastered Bishop Shirt, such as bow resist, stun resist and some pdef or i dont know. It's kinda useless while other shirts are like boss jewels. @OpalSnow
  9. wait wait wait

    Nope. He made spoilers great again!