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  1. Ohh great i didn't see the topic you made. Thank you
  2. Farmed all day and i got only 1 Fir Tree Branch I know the Event from before and we should get more materials. Thank you
  3. Scarlett

    burn pc

    This is what i have maybe it will help you. CPU - i7 5960XBoard - Asus ROG STRIX X99 GAMINGGPU - Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 "NVIDIA 970 Cooler Edition" 4096MB GDDR5 PCI-Express RAM - 32 GB Corsair Dominator PlatinumSSD - 2x 500GB Samsung 850 EVOCooler - Master Hyper 212X Tower CPU CoolerPower Supply - 750W Corsair HX750i, 80 PLUS PlatinumCase - Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5 Monitor - LED BenQ SW2700PT 2560x1440Headset - HyperX Cloud IIMouse - RAZER Deathadder EliteMousepad - HyperX
  4. Scarlett


    Same problem here login down
  5. WTT Phoenix Splitter+12 For Phoenix Bow+12 or Phoenix Mace+12
  6. Mages are overpowered i got 9k dmg only one hit ... first hit m crt. And i have tts set+6 and soul ph set+6 and my cp and hp is about 8.5k. so ye Fist who hit win. Stun+10 on archer land once on 5 hits and is +10 until i use the skill i die.
  7. I don't ask for that but make it so a titan can solo 2 mobs at least not useless
  8. Ooo i know I just want to see what the community want because i think that's the most important thing.
  9. I was speaking about the fact that an Archer with Draconic and Bow+3 give more dmg than a titan with Ph Set and Splitter+10 on frenzy My point is not to be able to solo mob after mob but the server is on growing and there are only a few ppl who farm for new armor at the moment. When you read this Archer with Draconic and Bow+3 give more dmg than a titan with Ph Set and Splitter+10 on frenzy Is this normal? If you want to farm in the middle of the day there are less the 200 ppl and that's counting the shops. Did you every login at 12:00 Pm to see how empty the server is ?
  10. How you can you completely solo and dominate the party zone when you like 2 mobs on one frenzy ?
  11. I agree with you when you have like 2k ppl on server and you have a lot of choices, but when the server doesn't have that much ppl and you want to farm and you do it alone with tit is to hard. I still don't understand why we make differences between tit and other classes.
  12. The server is still on growing or some ppl come some leave ... the point is that sometimes you don't have ppl to play with on Orbis Temple Lv: 2 Farming. I think by removing frenzy resistance on Orbis Temple Lv: 2 give you the opportunity to kill maybe 2-3 mobs on one frenzy. Thank you
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