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  1. lmao

    smd yo
  2. #ATB Group 2018

    Stfu Mephisto
  3. Since 2012

    machinegun motherfckers
  4. machinegun toyfactory

    #1 in all ur hearts
  5. Epics

  6. Epics stactic please

    some1 is tryin to hard to be a factor 3uh3uh3
  7. TF Logic

    that's what I ask randoms that try to be funny
  8. TF Logic

    who dafuq are u ?
  9. TF Logic

    who dafuq is that guy ?
  10. They Said they were afk..

    omagad u killed unbuffed afks, u da best
  11. made you all mad and quit

    u mistake banter and trollin for actual trash talk, not our fault that u're a lil princess and can't handle gettin called a retard by a teammate lol I call thug a retard at least 5x a day
  12. First day of Donation and people are gone

    Wtf is a gym guy ? Lol
  13. First day of Donation and people are gone

    Bow wasn't even mine, but keep cryin