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  1. Get 2.5-3 pt on , play more then one week , and dont show up on epics , star raids others actions. Good clam
  2. Old wolfs enjoy your game , fuck the rest.
  3. Takechi

    Fighter class bug

    sps with pow get less m.crt then my necro with magnus wtf
  4. Takechi

    Fighter class bug

    mage critical rate is nerf for sure.
  5. No excuses , u defended the castle properly.
  6. No bot , no Mephisto , no atb , troll topic.
  7. Guys u can cry about everything here , but we play so long this game and we know finally whats happend, 2 big siedes, one left , server die. Take maximum pleasure from the game till end. Gl
  8. Leave them alone jersey , they trying hard get 2nd class
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