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  1. [CLAM]unKnownZ

  2. Honey, I'm home.

  3. To OpalSnow

    this bibby guy lost to storm bringer 1 v 1
  4. What happened to all the good leaders?

    spiros bibby i fucc you both up i swear #teamdash #teambreeavehart #teamturk
  5. epic times?

    2018 still no static times ? lol. guess i skip the server then
  6. epic times?

    What time are they so i can consider joining the server

    wearing no grade shit
  8. UnKnownZ vs shawtygotcrap

    cant believe is been 7 years from all this damnnnnnnnnn i miss the old days
  9. AQA will be here

    you hope too much my old bitch nigga friend
  10. 2018

    And i bet all this fags claiming they're the best wont make their own side and will join someone else to get carried hahhhhhhhhhhh
  11. [CLAM]unKnownZ

  12. Olympiad / buffs

    nice mages are broken anyway
  13. easiest siege ever

    tig3r tried to stop sa from casting, they just failed
  14. easiest siege ever

    Sieges is the best of l2, it has hundred strategies that can work and make you win, i like everything from the siege except for the way to get the castle which is cresting and makes it almost imposible
  15. easiest siege ever

    Is bravehurt the guy that never lead shit, started playing like 2 years ago and think he won shit literally since he is i playing i cant really remember a competitive server, respect who lol. you're nobody to me and to any of the old schools, this game is garbage and you guys havent learned yet how to play in a siege