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  1. WTB Baium/Valakas/AM pass shield lvl5 or others (passive) offer me
  2. riffraff


    wtf kid. stfu and leave forum if u don't respect other nationalities. I talk as I can
  3. girl / 7years / 26 up

  4. riffraff


    what is good /assist? ats watching if you want to win be as one whole
  5. riffraff


    random hero. bad assist. bad choice of the necessary purpose for initial attack. if u like progaming low rates (х1), study at it
  6. riffraff


    its a news form jp. Schoolgirls two people who were enrolled in the School of Medicine of the University in Florida have sued the school side as was humiliated during a medical training . but videosnews its rly funny
  7. hobby for couple of days p.s. if u like 1-2day play on new server. enjoy Luna x90 (1st 4hours +50% exp/sp/adena for newbies). some clans were already invited for remuneration i dont have time for it.
  8. already http://s019.radikal.ru/i644/1508/f7/7863a02fa146.JPG add VPN jp add language jp (I386) C L O S E D
  9. when I choose the server and click "accept" official japan client http://i71.fastpic.ru/big/2015/0722/ac/dabc7c1f41e08c2c8a0147a8bb2bf8ac.png
  10. LineageII Crash Report Version: EP20_Global,CLS,V2110409,24 BuildDate: Thu Jul 23 05:07:42 2015 Time: 2015.8.23 13:55:43 [GTick=1713,LGTicks=1] PosCode: 0:0:0 OS: Windows XP_3 5.1 (Build: 2600), Service Pack 3.0 CPU: GenuineIntel Intel® Core2 Duo CPU E6750 @ 2.66GHz @ 2674 MHz RAM: 3327MB RAM CPUInfo: 2,2,2,0 Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS (4052) VideoResources: 40 MB MAC: 00-1E-8C-02-6B-2D LANG: JAPANESE IME: ??? Error: History: NCChatListBox::UpdateShowRow <- NCChatListBox::UpdateAll <- NCChatListBox::SetWindowSize <- NCWnd::SetWindowSizeRel <- XMLUIData::Create <- XMLChatWindowData::Create <- XMLWindowData::CreateChildRecursively <- XMLWindowData::Create <- XMLDataManager::CreateWindowWithWindowData <- XMLDataManager::CreateWindowsOnCondition <- wndArray:1241384, WindowMap:227524612 <- XMLUIManager::CreateWindowByName <- XMLUIManager::CreateParentWindow <- XMLUIManager::GetWindowPtr <- NCXMLChatManager::InitChatWndInfo <- NConsoleWnd::ReloadUI <- VersionCheckPacket <- UNetworkHandler::Tick <- Function Name=VersionCheckPac <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- CMainLoop::UpdateTheWorld <- MainLoop Exception: Code [EXCEPTION_INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO] Address [0x0B716AE2] SegCs [0x001B] NWindow.dll [0x0B190000] Offset [0x00586AE2] What is problem?
  11. riffraff

    Real life pics

    OpalSnow best job in the world (face or job... mb leave?) go study and work but don't talk...best work (say me name Pamela Anderson xxx best job blalal fucking kids) - u are a lucky, bcs opl count on u (donate)bcs he resolves ur nonsense. /sry4eng.*h8eng )-': x2 forum jokergay gay kids face... comments almost on everyone what do u need at this forum? to be popular(badman/bad advertizing it too advertizing)?fucking gaykid! nolife/noprogame.. only joker.. but not funny. btw u rly "дебил" *learn other languages
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