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  1. ahahhahaha :D yengechh + 1 kişi + küfür = fatih
  2. Fatihi bilirsin en sevdiği şeydir küfür etmek onun ziyadesinde seni gördümü de dayanamıyor :D
  3. onun kalbini yumuşatacak sözler söylemeniz gerekiyor
  4. gene düştü tansiyonum ve bozuldu sinirlerim :(
  5. sen ne kadar güzel gülüyorsun
  6. There is no point talking with ytp. U cant fight with a brainless guy. Just say him "u right"
  7. lmao. i didnt even see a decent fight between u and showtime. especially there wasnt a fight which you killed them with half number. u must be blind or must be kidding. i am not even playing with this clan. just getting mad when i see ur fiction words Check this video. i hope u wiil understand what is mean '' we killed them with half party...'' and difference between ur video and this.
  8. QB was the side which made them quit and killed them with haft party but ytp thinks with his little brain '' we made them quit''. @YeahTehPro you can barely kill someone with same number and u believe u can kill someone with half number?
  9. are you jealous him? :P you are so lucky guys ... :) #FanBoyOfAmbulancia #RicardoAMBULANCIAQuaresma
  10. What a good video... Like it very well. The best video ever made from this server until this time. #AmbulanciaIsTheBest #AMBULANCIA
  11. Veyshell Dogs loading...
  12. A lot of excuses. Shame on you!
  13. On last sublimity Best leader Veyshell dying to maestro with Tank class. BEST LEADER !!!! (xaxaax) L O L. Best players (MF players) in the world. Have you ever met someone from them? if you dont, you are so lucky guys!
  14. manifesto turks? they are unskilled ppl. L O L. if they were daggers, they get excited and they could be killed their own men. xd also they would have lost at the first fight.
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