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  1. damn you almost got me there. Naah. That's a sheep btw. So stupid...
  2. LMAO everyone knows I'm the cutest around! Go away you pedo.
  3. Then only thing you raped are propably underage girls.
  4. Thing is that I played with this yellowtag side for some epics to help some friends. Nothing enjoyable playing with them. No teamplay, just random CPs that happen to be under same tag. 0 cordination. Only when a specific person lead them they are capable of doing somewhat decent. Bragging for winning with more numbers then spamming EZ. Toxic idiots 100%. Wouldn't recommend if you want an enjoyable experience playing L2 for the sake of old times and having actually fun. Their mendality just isn't acceptable at any level. P.S. Nope, I ain't TF funboy. Part of smaller side.
  5. "Communication: Able to use teamspeak 3 with preferably a working microphone." Welp.. :D
  6. that necro without curse desease on skill bar. Argh.
  7. We only helped those tards on Core and QA. Nobody wants to play with Ytp in his side because of reasons. The only reason we kinda helped them was 'cause of the guy leading them(ofc wasn't yeahthepedophile). I don't think it's gonna happen again no matter the numbers.
  8. nice cordinations, smooth af!
  9. lol, I've been looking for you actually. Tell me if you join this server :)
  10. my fan or what? Elsa here.
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