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  1. https://youtu.be/03Rkx9xHpnY I'll leave this here, old SP members know why ;)
  2. <3 And seph: let me know if you got one as well
  3. SUP! I'll probably join as well, getting back in the game for sublimity
  4. BrawleR

    some fraps

    Oh, now i remember you! You were the guys that showed up with a full party with bishops to kill 2 archers and a OL at EF entrance! yeah you killed us easy!
  5. Happy Birthday Slurpee!
  6. Monday the banks will open, can the server open monday? seems like the L2-private community is saved with the help of the EU >.<
  7. I want to bump this, because i still think NR34 (world boss) is the best idea ever. Big ass beast spawning somewhere random on the map is awesome
  8. When i'm in a pvp like the last (or actually even 50vs50) im happy if i get 1 frame per minute.. But then... i do have a wooden pc...
  9. I think i see you trollin' Yet i'm not sure.............. Eater det or yuo needs som ingles lesson..
  10. you misunderstood. Crusher said people should play 2 weeks straight to achieve the same gear they could get in 1 day of work (in real life). and with that he meant: donating costs him less hours of work (in real life) then it costs hours of work farming (ingame).
  11. 3 L2 sublimity old exile L2 sublimity nova L2 sublimity final and im still playing.. this exile and im gonna continue
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