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  1. This room will be full of 2pt’s of the same clan/ally.
  2. This is quite an interesting post/statement and I agree, we are the example: I play with a CP of 4 and we are semi-active: Only in the evenings. There is not much to do for us although we like the b-grade pvp we have from time to time. Of course, there are clan activities like epic raids and sieges but we don’t feel like joining a clan cause you need to be active (We get kicked out of the serous clans cause of activity) and all the other clans pull of too much drama as you can see in the posts above. I know this is our choice but on the other hand we cannot even level our own clan? (Academy? , No change with 4ppl at serous raids...). So what do we do? I guess in the end we need to join a clan.... A bit more action in the server besides the sieges and epic raids would be so much better, At least for us :)
  3. Also heavy armor seems more expensive.
  4. I am not sure about the weapons,I gotta work to, but on the other hand: I dont want this server to die as quick as the last 2 did. Just hope they make decisions that benefit the lifetime of the server. (Altough I should know better :P).
  5. Hi Amell, Will S-grade be available? A simple yes or no will do.
  6. Playing tank main, tought it would be fun with the low rate areas but cant even bother to active level this class. (I am also lazy). But yeah, +1, Staff can take this in considiration.
  7. Thanks guys. Ill give it a try and see where it ends :) (Guess the 2014 dejavu is where it ends :P)
  8. Lots of different messages on the forum. But is it, 2 weeks after launch worth starting here? What about the "long run", is it happening? You can troll or be honest. I just dont want to start and have a 2014 dejavu :)
  9. Paupstar

    Steam ID

    frenkownt I really do ^
  10. Tip: Stop playing with midrate interlude community.
  11. I heard QB did ddos the server cause Munich didnt want to give free epics and power lvl.
  12. I think they have bad televisions in Poland.
  13. Netherlands looked tired? Dude, I really have no idea who u are, but please just keep playing lineage.
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