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  1. I didnt saw you on global, I dont know who you are, so just stfu random, and go back to your cave to your "non-mana pot" servers where you are "mrpro"
  2. DarkCooL

    arcane map

    use gatekeeper in arcane town, lul.
  3. DarkCooL


    the newbe quest have alot of bugs, if you rushed to do thing(instead of folowing quest) then your fucked
  4. Seems its not working, your able to colect more then 600 orbs somehow and it still asks to bring them, then you have enough https://imgur.com/a/E1qOl
  5. hero duals are bugged (or they were made to be like this?) http://imgur.com/a/QIw88 on duals writed it silences on pasive skill list that thingy dosent exsists, and tested, silence dosent land at all(its like not there QQ
  6. If you rly whant to PvP, you should stop dickholding with CF already and fight each other?? then youl get your PvP noob
  7. Just shut up you polish part of crap, Im from europe, and I still didnt had problem to show up at raids(like you do have one) well yeah the ones which are at 5 am are problem but the ones who are till like 2/3 am, isnt, so just you have 3 options, chose 1, deal with it, quite server, shut the fuck up.
  8. GZ all! PS. Next time Blade, next time xD
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