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  1. Jayze

    Auto pick up

    So the reason is that i should use my fingers...brilliant!
  2. Jayze

    Auto pick up

    One serious reason to say no?
  3. Πρώτα πίνεις αγίασμα και μετά μιλάς για τον Χίο φίλε. Νόμος!
  4. Jayze

    Male or Female?

    a, You are right now i remember that system. c) I dont remember that, was it for specific amount of changes? As for the NPC, i have seen it on a server so i guess it is possible. But cosmetics should not require too much work to achive, besides the gender change... If, lets say you want to change hairstyle or smth like that, it should not be expensive Personal opinion.
  5. Hello forum, I would like to see an npc where you can change your sex in charge of some adena or something else or more preferably free of charge. I dont know if it is already established in the main website with limited changes for each character...but i would like to see it in game where it would not be limited. What do you think about that...?
  6. Jayze

    DMG on screen or?

    Thank you for responses.
  7. Jayze

    DMG on screen or?

    I searched some but they have more add-on's. If there is a link you can share, it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Why don't you guys add damage on screen or highlight it on chat with other color Its really tiring to see all white numbers :/
  9. or p bow +0 for p mace +0
  10. Make clanmates not to go 1v1 in oly..somehow (but they can reinvite..whatever) there will be feed:/
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