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  1. How to dominate a server

    Title should be changed: How to NOT dominate a server.. Sad you didnt lead on the old (first l2gold)..
  2. Lol thats bad.. 30% of them are dualboxes or more.
  3. Holy cow that siege was looking so fcking borring! I am glad i didnt waste any more time then create accs and buy scripts of russian people ^^
  4. Did you rly play? _o_
  5. ur right :-0 I got banned at 54 orsomething, or my party did ^^ Just waaaay to lazy for that shi!T ^^
  6. All the great leaders? Moved to offical...
  7. GMT

    Norway ;-D
  8. ShowTime Gaming Legacy

    Blir med I familien din jeg :P Så slipper jeg å være så aktiv :D
  9. ShowTime Gaming Legacy

    I will easy join ur side to assSmack them :-o
  10. ShowTime Gaming Legacy

    HAHAHAHA!!! This is old ST right?
  11. TheCrazyOnes

    Sure dude :D
  12. TheCrazyOnes

    Oh maah gaad ;-P Sup mate, how`s life going? U guys are more then welcome to join the crazyHood!
  13. MrPro, Mayor of interlude

  14. TheCrazyOnes

    Blir ikke store zergden det da :P