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  1. We Love U Hattoxh

  2. Farewell shillien knights

    yeah coz i wasn't there.
  3. Looking for a clan

    no reason for stay with SA. Find me son.
  4. We are back.

    One man's trash is another man's treasure.
  5. [SA] ShadowAngels - Last l2 Video --- Niggs since 2006

    Get a life pls sikik ?
  6. We are back.

    When u was 8 years old.
  7. We are back.

    We are coming with 4 pts. cya in game.
  8. Greetings/Saludos

    Me ? You dont wanna have good times with me ? What ?
  9. WTB +17 bow, Soul Set and Epic Jewels for free

  10. Plans about the server

    Give me 150 Soul Element.
  11. ATB

    @Narious made quit ATB.
  12. WTT P BOW +14 for

  13. We love you Pirlo

    1. jeanccc



      But walk and suck the balls,

  14. RejectZ Recruit

    no no clam me pls.