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  1. Love you https://s4.postimg.org/dnn5n751p/image.jpg
  2. What do you want for Orfen and Core?
  3. Ruining economy on server... Kiddin me? Ppl pay 1 adena for craft and they have some adena for expensive scrolls and consumables at begining. Are you so greedy? Wanna earn adena on new players? Actually there should be option at Armor shop to Exchange mats for phx armors for some amount of adena or for free. Spoil doesnt exist so craft shouldnt also. Love this pain in the ass <3
  4. By the way... Did you know that you can put offline store?
  5. Rofl, its my dorf and i made it for new players. If you wanted make easy adena you have to find other way.
  6. Bow traded Armor also Only left: Mastered archer shirt for magician PM me or answer here
  7. WTT +14 p.bow, Soul Light +6 and Mastered Royal Silk for Mage stuff
  8. How about my ideas? - Add new shield instead of Naphilim/Dusk - Decrease price of normal enchant weapon/armor - normal weapon S grade with SA cost 392k... 4 EWS = 300k - Decrease price of all SS and BSS (sometimes i spend over 50% of my income for consumables) - Put bosses at corner rooms Orbis lvl 1 that drop random weapon S grade, BEWS, BEAS, BoG, increased amount of phx mats, AA (maybe chance to drop random phx recipe) - tank class needed to kill it - Put bosses at corner rooms Orbis lvl 2 that has chance to drop random phx weapon, Divine armor/weapon, BoG, increased amount of phx mats, AA (maybe chance to drop random phx recipe), increased AP to shirts - tank class needed to kill it - Star raid at chaotic zone with static spawn - tank class needed to kill it - Add pieces of augumentation scroll to lvl 2 corner bosses and star bosses (few pieces needed to craft augumentation scroll) - Remove Raid Tokens - Leave all Raids farmable - instead of RT add phx recipes or other value item - Remove armor recipes as a reward of orbis quest - Instead of it put phoenix weapon as a reward (ofc more than 60 essences to farm) - Add more p def to phoenix and soul phoenix armors, not much but there have to be some difference between these armors* - Add phoenix jewelery that gives a bit more m def than tateosian* *we need to increase p def and m def bcs there are 2 many offensive bonuses - Spawn Randolf other side of wall #freerandolf - Add spoil to Orbis! (Make spoil working only at parties to avoid sneeky dorfs) - Increase enchant rate up to +6 on weapons All these changes will focus more players at one location. Easier farm to new players. Make tanks and spoil playable. More pvp at bosses. More p def and m def will extend pvp a bit (for now 1 sps can drop few players with 10k m atk and insane m crit rate, same with archer if he crit well)
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