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  1. Client Lag?

    I still have this problem too.
  2. Enchanting phx mace to+17 :(

    I got trolled by you guys after haha. Congrats
  3. Clan War

    Same thing is happening for us too.
  4. Phoenix bow texture

    Dynasty bow all the way
  5. Shining Bow NO SA

    what does that mean?
  6. Shining Bow NO SA

    Is there a bug with Shining Bow? because I don't see any special abilities for it
  7. Custom Client Side Mods

    looking forward to dynasty bow!
  8. Players online at server opening

    I will be impressed if theres +2000 Players! The more the merry
  9. I hope we have some beautiul Sieges like this here!!! ;)

    Dont forget beautiful castle theme! Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuWHeyjfTm0
  10. Zargov MIA

    I tried persuading him to come but his burn out from L2
  11. My Sixpounder

    woooaahh old school revenge!!
  12. My Sixpounder

  13. RDogs vs Sixpounder 9 v 9 3rounds

    Epic memories
  14. Phoenix Bow!!!

    I think the Artemis bow from Reveange looked beautiful it would be nice to have this bow on Sublimity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIXlTT-o6Kk