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  1. For me thats a bad move, now u make it randoms cant farm a single rb, and only the partys to take em. Fair play plox.
  2. +1 in l2 are a lot of classes not only mages..
  3. Hey yo, what about changing retail Olympiad games evry 2 weeks to THE BEST OLD SCHOOL SUBLIMITY Hero Tournamet. One of the best features all around. -RamelothBoxing
  4. you cant dual box there, opal will got u, u are out with both
  5. Maybe this will bring some new comunity to the server... i think if u do even the best update ever made in l2 history ppl wont get back, and more will leave soon I dont know what to sugst u else
  6. Can u make olympiad to start atleast 1 hour earlyer.. For some european ppl that time atm is too late at the night, we have work and wake up early at the mornings.. i think 1 hour earlyer would be perfect
  7. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT OLYMPIAD HERE.. dont comment dmg in general please lol..
  8. This olympiad is bunch of a sh1t.. u can see 70% of the ppl there are gladiators (ofc u cant say to ppl what they must play with) but nerf their dmg so the other classes have some fun at that oly.. or make Hero tournament @Rei @OpalSnow @Burst if u watch only one night at the oly games u will see what im taliing about 10000000% unbalanced oly, and ofc we all know glads are good in interlude oly but.. thats rllllllllyyyy toooo much dmg why dont u test this...must fix it now half of the comunity are on the same opinion... Also check some others skills like Tod etc ....
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