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  1. Cant Register in Olympiad games, cuz Giran siage is active :D

    U cant in any city... Thats the problem
  2. 30% FRENZY resistence on the raids

    For me thats a bad move, now u make it randoms cant farm a single rb, and only the partys to take em. Fair play plox.
  3. Farming state

    +1 in l2 are a lot of classes not only mages..
  4. Hero Tournament !

    Hey yo, what about changing retail Olympiad games evry 2 weeks to THE BEST OLD SCHOOL SUBLIMITY Hero Tournamet. One of the best features all around. -RamelothBoxing
  5. LETS GO HERO TOURNAMENT-------------

    you cant dual box there, opal will got u, u are out with both
  6. Gracia final

    Maybe this will bring some new comunity to the server... i think if u do even the best update ever made in l2 history ppl wont get back, and more will leave soon I dont know what to sugst u else
  7. Olympiad start time

  8. Olympiad start time

  9. Remove the low rate zones!

  10. Olympiad start time

    Can u make olympiad to start atleast 1 hour earlyer.. For some european ppl that time atm is too late at the night, we have work and wake up early at the mornings.. i think 1 hour earlyer would be perfect
  11. p. weps and oly

    is this real lol?
  12. Poorly designed Server features

    -1 ... u want a pvp zone or what?
  13. Nerf glads in olympiad

    WE ARE TALKING ABOUT OLYMPIAD HERE.. dont comment dmg in general please lol..
  14. Nerf glads in olympiad

    This olympiad is bunch of a sh1t.. u can see 70% of the ppl there are gladiators (ofc u cant say to ppl what they must play with) but nerf their dmg so the other classes have some fun at that oly.. or make Hero tournament @Rei @OpalSnow @Burst if u watch only one night at the oly games u will see what im taliing about 10000000% unbalanced oly, and ofc we all know glads are good in interlude oly but.. thats rllllllllyyyy toooo much dmg why dont u test this...must fix it now half of the comunity are on the same opinion... Also check some others skills like Tod etc ....