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    holly fuck you people bitching about everything
  2. Same old L2, Same old excuse

    i just see a text and i reposting randomly,like im doing on ytp. lol you re actually talking to a wall right now. SICK
  3. Same old L2, Same old excuse

    Dragon dont type texts,im not reading them,you talking to yourself.lol
  4. Same old L2, Same old excuse

    this video is 6 am epic. that server was zergy,like it was on official aden siege wtih navigatos
  5. Same old L2, Same old excuse

    like u ve merged 5 clans into tiger to try to compete against us atm. but no. you cant lol
  6. Same old L2, Same old excuse

    russians,eu,americans,brazilians,mexicans...w/e is all the same for us
  7. Same old L2, Same old excuse

    here are your russians :) what ever russians has passed through this interlude community. and by zergs,i mean zergs. we stomped them anyway

    opal pls noblesse i cant contest

  10. toyFactory GOING PUBG join us

    dont answer back to that guy, you re losing your time :) only flame him once in a while :)
  11. get ready for the weekend dragons sieges,ayyyyy

    we lost 1 valakas so far.whole server zerhged against us :D
  12. Siege Registration

    Castle : Giran clan : toyFactory clan leader : Sepharoth atm
  13. toyFactory GOING PUBG join us

    yes,if u wanna play with us hit me on skype nassosef
  14. toyFactory GOING PUBG join us

    u re welcome to play with us :)
  15. toyFactory GOING PUBG join us