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  1. Congrats to fake heroes of CF

    You’re a brain dead monkey who’s crying that he didn’t get hero. Grow up
  2. Online

    Yeah bunch of delusional fucking morons in here pointing fingers at the wrong people hahaha
  3. Congrats to fake heroes of CF

    I literally watched you get fed for AW. Not to mention, you would def lose at the HT with the current players on AW lol. You're welcome for this.
  4. rename baium to ngu pls

    I sold a level 3 Orfen for 8000 euros on classic. Problem?
  5. rename baium to ngu pls

    Nice I see about $100 worth of items there.
  6. olympiad start time

    Olympiad also starts way too early for players in NA/SA. There is no good middle ground.
  7. Fighter class bug

    I cant believe you're complaining about archers with epics instead of the abysmal mcrit rate with shirt + wild magic augment. this thread is a joke
  8. Who's gonna ragequit first?

    You're all dog shit at oly
  9. Just some thoughts

    Classic or bust
  10. SA low rate kings

    Kids still browsing this forum and triple posting trying to make a name for themselves with mold hardeners on the hot bar. hahahahahaha later pale pasty loser cretin nerds. stay mad as fuck
  11. SA low rate kings

    sorry i played the game mainly when it wasnt full of shit kids trying to claim they are the best. Played retail with TD/Legacy Played most private servers if not all with Tempest/Genocide idk why you keep linking random videos I dont watch and im probably not apart of LMAO. You're trying so hard yet I still dont know who you are nor do I care... Proving my point of your entire cesspool group of being ADDICTED and OBSESSED constantly posting on a forum of a server you literally DONT PLAY HAHAHAHA
  12. SA low rate kings

    Havent played a mana pot server since Exile and now Terra. If you cant embrace the Star wars, fuck off loser. PS - You know who I am... but I have no idea who you are. Nor do I care. Irony. Stay small/random.
  13. SA low rate kings

    You're delusional as fuck but whatever helps you sleep at night lmfao
  14. Oh look that thread where you cry because you got ASS RAPED at a few epics and quit like little fucking children. Move along folks.