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  1. You’re a brain dead monkey who’s crying that he didn’t get hero. Grow up
  2. Bagel


    Yeah bunch of delusional fucking morons in here pointing fingers at the wrong people hahaha
  3. I literally watched you get fed for AW. Not to mention, you would def lose at the HT with the current players on AW lol. You're welcome for this.
  4. I sold a level 3 Orfen for 8000 euros on classic. Problem?
  5. Nice I see about $100 worth of items there.
  6. Olympiad also starts way too early for players in NA/SA. There is no good middle ground.
  7. Bagel

    Fighter class bug

    I cant believe you're complaining about archers with epics instead of the abysmal mcrit rate with shirt + wild magic augment. this thread is a joke
  8. Kids still browsing this forum and triple posting trying to make a name for themselves with mold hardeners on the hot bar. hahahahahaha later pale pasty loser cretin nerds. stay mad as fuck
  9. sorry i played the game mainly when it wasnt full of shit kids trying to claim they are the best. Played retail with TD/Legacy Played most private servers if not all with Tempest/Genocide idk why you keep linking random videos I dont watch and im probably not apart of LMAO. You're trying so hard yet I still dont know who you are nor do I care... Proving my point of your entire cesspool group of being ADDICTED and OBSESSED constantly posting on a forum of a server you literally DONT PLAY HAHAHAHA
  10. Havent played a mana pot server since Exile and now Terra. If you cant embrace the Star wars, fuck off loser. PS - You know who I am... but I have no idea who you are. Nor do I care. Irony. Stay small/random.
  11. You're delusional as fuck but whatever helps you sleep at night lmfao
  12. Oh look that thread where you cry because you got ASS RAPED at a few epics and quit like little fucking children. Move along folks.
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