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  1. Hi i was wondering if it would be possible to change the current pet leveling system so that our pets don't need to kill a mob themselves to level up, so for example have it like my Dark Panther skill have the pets leech 15% of the exp i get to help leveling them up. It is quite the bother to stand and continually stun/agro the target so that my pet does not get killed by it. As you know pets have barely any P.def and M.def and even less HP.
  2. My brother is doing well he works almost all the time nowadays, he tries to get a few hours of gaming in once in a while but since he works so much he is pretty much done gaming until ME Andromeda comes out. And I have a very relaxing job so i have more time to play then he does, kinda feel bad for him. But hey he choose the national bank as his workplace so he can't complain when its pretty much his dream job.
  3. I have been playing L2 since i was 12( i was 13 when we switched over to L2R) i think. I played with my brother we were in Empiresunited in L2R and my bro and i both played on L2 Kastien those were fun days. My nicks are "Thermel0", "Thermelio", and "TwInKiE". My brothers were Mutzii. I was not that active with the clan i played mostly with a few close pals of my brothers
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