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  1. @AudioFeels @Diosmo @Paradox I agree with you guys. Server could still be alive if players didn't feel that themselves and the server is abandoned. It has this feeling... doesn't it ? And certainly an update could bring people back. Even new ones. But...
  2. Ok and now?

    Now that's a reply that i don't mind at all . You should have reply to the OP the same way.
  3. Ok and now?

    Still ... Your answer seems like a desperate attempt , of showing that the current situation, does not affect you. When clearly we can see that it does. Btw, politeness , is a sign of civiliazation if not of I.Q. just saying. ty
  4. Discussion: Daggers in L2Sublimity.

    my edit ...
  5. Ok and now?

    Totaly disagree ! Your answer belongs to the flame section . Period. A player is asking a question to the staff. If you don't have an "inside knowledge " , then don't bother answering back ,since from what we've seen, you are traumatized by the question... It's pretty obvious , that all the players that still playing L2Sublimity , have the same question. Your answer seems like a desperate attempt , of showing that the current situation, does not affect you. Don't want to offend you, but next time, try to be more sympathetic towards a post with a certain goal... If you have nothing to say, just Don't say it ... ty.
  6. Information about update

    Early of the week... is till wednesday Tops ! Any other day is " late" to "end of the week " !
  7. Update + Fresh Start

    Wipe a server that is barely 3 months old ??? Yeah... that will fix everything ... RoFl !
  8. Kiss0fAngel recruiting

    Gl mate !
  9. You can hardly pvp anymore... especially when you can't get a full party since most ppl are not online anymore. Updates are not always about new gear. Are about new content to keep things intersting. When most ppl have already lost that intersest , they don't log in anymore. It's that simple. So i have to agree with the OP, about anouncing any kind of news...
  10. Dude... what's wrong with you ? That was really uncalled for...
  11. OMG a yellow post...

    Cannot agree with you more ! Started playing after 4 years, this freaking old game again, cause friends started playing again.... People that i havent played with for 2-3 years. And they were playing cause it was "Opal's Server" ! I really don't wanna get into what they are telling me now... It's not nice. ( Bozos all of us... we are still playing.... ) @Staddum . Can you even imagine what will the number of players would be, Every Day, if the drops in PI was 50 % more for just one ( 1 ) week ???? Well... be happy with the "daily pvp quest" ... RoFl
  12. Ok... I am LoL'ing Hard right now ! F.U. guys !!! Kidding aside , it's too much for me ( also for many others i guess... ) to see even the forum going down in that degree ! I mean really...? We have one post after all this time saying " too much botting - too much babysiting. " And after a week + !!! NEW CLIENT IN KOREA. WE MIGHT TEAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. BUT NOT RIGHT NOW. WHEN AND IT IS REALEASED ! But for this server , well... just wait 2 more weeks for the changes we said we would have 3 weeks ago....!!! Everything sounds great. Exept ... i don't have anyone to play with ! I can't have a party to make my freaking Advanced set ! Even one of them... not 3... But you had to "introduce" a daily pvp feature... When everyone else is saying Fix PI- Increase PI drops ( or something along these lines ) No ... we have this "daily quest " that is never acomplished instead ... I guess it's beacuase you thought that it's you that will make players pvp... And not the players themselves ... So... no update... No new players ... Voting is a luxury for the server nowdays... Players that are still playing everyday , don't even have the opportunity to make an advanced set, cause there are no partys... Players that are online don't even see a freaking Event ! People are trading a hat ( accessory ) for 2 x 16+ weapons ! Sorry, but the only thing i cannot agree to is ... that the community /player database , didn't tried to help you, or the server... They have. Many years now. It's your own actions. Not the players actions. ty
  13. OMG a yellow post...

    Can we at least have the PI drops with a 50% increase (all of them ) till you make the update ??? ( not lower cause it's gonna be useless ) At least players will have something to do !
  14. NEXT L2Sublimity update discuss!

    3-4 years ago i was not playing Lineage 2. When i was playing, i was in clans with 45/50 members any time of any day logged in. And the allys where having a daily base of 130 + players logged in any time of the day. Chaotic areas have been asked/demanded by "carebears" like you said , from "big" clans cause they didn't want any item drop. PK is part of the game. If you are not up to it, don't do it and stop crying. If your only interaction with this game is through a "strong" clan/ally that never had to pk and bet on their own gear, it's a shame you are talking to me. Chaotics are the cowards refuge imho. In any case, have fun playing! All of you. ty.
  15. NEXT L2Sublimity update discuss!

    The "etablished" communtiy, will always be one step ahead from anyone else. They are organized and their core is not 3/5 ppl. is 20 + ppl. The server should give priority to these cans but, priority is one thing and indefference to the rest is another. A balance beween these two / three types of cummunity is needed. From the begining. So you can have them all, pleased if not content.