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  1. Sandiss

    Fighter class bug

    I've been saying this for days already, mages are completely garbage especially sorcerers that have less m.atk than rest of the nukers and don't even wanna mention the c.speed. They even managed to add ressists on buffs to make it even more fun, i swear my necro does around 400dmg on a ressist+tat set person while daggers/glads and the rest garbage is 2 shotting me.
  2. I'm repeating, we don't have full CC parties you dumb fuck. Most of the parties are not even CPs but made out of whoever is online. We allied 1h before AQ just to go for random PvPs without having any communication (TS3/Discord) and yet u even lost to that. One party was half CC half random classes (daggers/titans/glads etc.) the second were left overs threw in one. But i guess i'm just lying to myself, right? I admit, you might be more organised, you might have better parties and/or MAs compared to our parties but i apparently you just can't keep up to our randomness. We ain't organising shit, we're just playing with what we got so wipe off your tears and move on Mr.BestClamLeader2k18
  3. True, can't argue about that. These guys are playing this game actively and probably with the same setup while we're one party full of people who played together ages ago and 80% of people we don't even know lol. Let's hope Opal nerfs this CC fest atleast till people get proper gear instead of blaming people for using them.
  4. Seph, let's start off with that we've never called anyone a zerg lol. Why did none say a word when CF had a full CC party at the first Baium/AQ's? We don't even have a proper CC party, just some random classes thrown together. SGC always manages to find excuses whenever they lose, that's normal i get that. We were 4.5 parties at AQ, then ya'll cried about us "dickholding" CF. Now they lost valakas, ya'll crying about numbers. As for this RB - it just spawned at the right time when people could log in and play, obviously we're not gonna tell them to stay in town coz the rest are with 4 parties. You do realize that we're not always running around with 5+ The current server situation is retarded, i completely agree, but don't forget it was SGC outnumbering everyone at first. Wouldn't that be amazing if everyone would agree on splitting up to 2 parties or so and make more sides like it was on Baium?
  5. @nenito Aren't you like 50 now? Just give up on this game already...
  6. Do you have someone from the old crew playing with you or is this some new group of people?
  7. That FOI part was quite funny, lol. Cya & enjoy your summer.
  8. I think i've got same problem. It takes me around 5 minutes to get to giran's GK. Also once i'm trying to cast a skill, it just starts lagging. No idea what it is since on beta everything worked perfectly. Now it's just unplayable.
  9. Even tho i'd like cavs to win, i think golden state will take it this year. After Durant joining it's just been too much to handle.
  10. Any NBA fans here? Finals tomorrow, who you got?
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    Log league god damn it
  13. Make another side, don't joint anyone.
  14. Didn't Slurpee have an alt called Gutz back in the day?
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