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  1. WTS Queen ant

  2. Another day of Humiliation - #ATB L2Sublimity

    these guys from SA xD
  3. WTB Valakas

    i'm not even playing kangaroo, you said i am fool but you are a fucking loser who will spend all his entire life in front on a pc, for me that's the definition of fool is. Completely what you are. Peace
  4. Feedback & Suggestions

    this server just need people, the rest is perfect.
  5. wtt queen ant

    i was thinking they have some fun at least at epic. lol
  6. wtt queen ant

    lmao i'm not even playing the server.
  7. wtt queen ant

    for bow or mace+16.

    you wont get baium at least qa and i offer mine.
  9. shirts

    you need to have 1074 AP or something like that to get the stats or i wrong?
  10. shirts

    on the new area we can add points to ours shirts or not?
  11. Opal add something please-

  12. Nerf valakas

    make all bosses high rate nobody wants to go with buffers active or in dual box anymore.