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  1. Congrats to fake heroes of CF

    can u just stfu and stop crying ?? If u want heroes, work for it! make chars and classes, equip them well and win games! Just because u are lazy asses or bad at it shouldnt get u HT. PS: I dont have something against HT, cause i got hero in there too, its just the cryings that come everytime there is something "hard" to get! Luffy got me like dozens of points. Rtt the PP aswell, but with PP i have bigger chances than against OL. Do i have to cry about this and ask for HT? I lost 100+ pts to them!Managed to get pts back from the PP after i geared up! So i worked for it! You do the same!
  2. Baium 12/17/2018

    +1 Narious !!! The pvps were awesome! Had a lot of fun! Keep it up! Gf everyone!
  3. Trading IC set for Tallum heavy set

    As title says, im trading an IC set +4, +3, +3, +3, +3 for a Tallum heavy set. Pm me here or ingame MF. Thx.


  6. About pvp

    http://imgur.com/oVf4UzS GG! 10540 dmg on +6 jewels. No resists, indeed, cause I did not anticipated the encounter (going to farm), but still... I was dead before i even realised it :))))))) Dunno why i tried to stun !
  7. Concept: Static epic respawn

    +1 for static respawn time.
  8. I love you OPAL

    I think u're wasting time :D
  9. WTB S duals +++++++

    pm me. thx.
  10. farm zone

    +1 then the server will auto clean itself! :D
  11. WTT phx. light set +4/3/3/3

    I don't need any other sets; got all of them. Pm me here or ingame MF. Have a nice day!

    He won't play! He doesn't have time etc.. I tried to convince him, several times! GG OZZY! :D
  13. WTT +14 any phx. wep

    Can be closed! Thanx!
  14. WTT +14 any phx. wep