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  1. i think that most dagger dont know how to buff coz anyway i hit him for like 1,2k each, but its kinda shitty coz he got 10k+ and 3k + cp that means i need to hit him 11 times, but in practice he dismiss my target every my hit and use cp potion
  2. Mate I play on houndred servers and on all of them I buff this same, I need zerk and magnus on mage to make good dmg on this server, if i take cov and dont take zerk i have 1,4 k m.atk and 120 cast speed less. That's mean that i need like 1/3 more attack to kill a person, in real game it means that i need like half more hits to kill someone when he cp potion himself. So its not worth to take that buffs. And if u read to this moment plz shut up and dont try to suprise me with your fucking experience in this game.
  3. https://scr.hu/w0kAd0 Nice server
  4. First of all balance pvp and them make a event ...
  5. hohxd

    This is pvp ?

  6. hohxd

    This is pvp ?

    Its useless pvp system here, dagger hit mage for 5 k , archer hit mage for 5 k, other mage hit with critical for 5 k, i dont know maybe i should play on ol maybe i can hold 3 hits ...
  7. Archers with phx +14 hit mage for 5k+ , loose target on Adventure when attacking by mage skills(mirage) ... , unable to kill dagger on this bugged server he can hit up to 5,5k by backstab. I'd like to log in prophet,se,ee,song,dance, for kill 4 monster in gog and rebuff and rebuff... useless to play, make set , phx +++ when dagger with a grade and c grade weapon one shoot you ... Grats opal, years of hosting server and nothing learned cya
  8. hohxd

    This is pvp ?

    Rly its a joke or what ? Right now archer with phx +14 can hit me for 5 k, its ok but 1 think. I have 5300 hp and 1500 cp, he can kill me by 2 hits. Its the most unballanced pvp server i ever play
  9. hohxd

    Unballanced SPS

    holy,divine for sps O_o tell me more ...
  10. Its rly annoying be being killed by 2 hits from sps ... Even if i got elemental protection and resist to water he can hit me for 4000+ Its unballanced class. Change it ...
  11. They added new thinks on site : https://www.l2sublimity.com/terra/features
  12. I think you should make kinda tutorial how to make agumentation and where we can drop / spoil recipe for phoenix sets
  13. hohxd


    That's good idea
  14. Any information about why server is still down ?

  15. hohxd

    Sps power

    Unbalanced ? Sps hit me for 4k crit when i got aqua resist and elemental protection its balanced ? I've need to make prophet to 76 lvl to have a chance to win pvp. Btw next bullshit cancel casted in 1 sec decreasing too much buffs
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