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  1. Aden Siege / Aden / Queen Ant PVPs - CF Clan

    Smooth, clean and good edit. I like it
  2. Phoenix Armor

    People in big clans are wearing b grades beacause they are just logging for epics :D
  3. What happened to all the good leaders?

    Same shit happened on last sublimity. After two weeks people (for example Alliance side) were crying that server is dead and they left without reason. Thats terrible
  4. Yeah I know you are making such a videos for a long time because I noticed some similarity like 2 years ago :D but when I saw title I just wanted to point it out. Anyway, peace. Good content :)
  5. 1.Idk dude but you are doing similar intro type as I do. 2. Video description is also silmilar to mine 3. You got title I've got past 10 years xD Maybe by accident but I found it weird
  6. ATB

    ez :)
  7. Fix server's daily pvp & epics - 0 pvp for 2 days.

    You got awesome party zone ready from last sublimity :D
  8. Baium & QA 27/11/2018 - Feedback

    First 2 epics few of us showed up = 2 wins. Ez
  9. First Baium

    hahahahah holy shit this is next level fraps, Im serious
  10. Queen Ant - Baium - Sh4rk

    First song is awesome
  11. Epic Control

    Although is there pvp?
  12. burn pc

    Its black friday, you can find a lot of cheaper coponents around :) Its good time in the year to buy new PC. Intel Core i9-9900K Z390 16GB RAM RTX2080 Ti 11GB HDD 1TB+SSD 500GB Should be enough for l2 :D :D :D :D :D
  13. when will be Donations available ?

    Last server was alive for +/- 2 months and it was really good.
  14. twitch.tv/keepnitbeast

    Much love for this guy <3