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  1. My suggestion for new updated

    Add that thing with reset from lv 80 to lvl 1 and extra talents or stats that can be chosen
  2. WTT ADV L +66443 for ADV H

    replay here or pm me in game thanks !
  3. WTT Adv R +6 for Adv L +6

  4. WTT Adv R +6 for Adv L +6

    No, thanks
  5. WTT Adv R +6 for Adv L +6

    Replay here, or whisper in game "Lunarlon Thanks !
  6. Bug regarding VP

    It doesnt work until you vote for few times...
  7. ADV set q can be changed?

    fuers im farming that shit for 6 days and only 2 drops good luck
  8. Important Suggestions

    Oh, thank you fuers
  9. Important Suggestions

    1. Srsly remove that christmas tree from giran and put npcs down on the floor(like the little yeti it was before) 2. Make the vote time 15 seconds !