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  1. Opal is trolling you. Server is on.
  2. Shark who isnt a kid you are the best! You won with us xD Just tell me when.
  3. You are here a little to late man.
  4. You are here a little to late man.
  5. What I saw is sgc losing to NGU every single pvp and quit.
  6. 1. CF had same numbers since server opening. Other sides had even more. 2. Big sides left. CF dropped ally. 3. I announced and pmed other clan leaders that we will lower numbers to 2 pts (2 pts CF, 2 pts DA) so they should join AQ with equal numbers. 4. SoloMid brought 31 ppl (3+ pt) 5. Next baium SoloMid had 4pts CF didn't zerg, other sides left. When we tried fix the comunnity to speak with other clan leaders they were busy farming/making clan points. That was crucial moment to show up activity of few sides. And then one kid SharkAttack leader of solomid decided its his chance to get epics and reacruited 4 pts. It actualy doesnt matter for us cause we could reactivate CF full force and kill them every single time. But it wasnt the point... the point was to encourage small clans to participate.
  7. Server itself and features are good. Maybe new update should be already implemented cause people are borred. Same shitty community xD Your friends were acting like pricks and left (as always). Tldr: Same shit different day.
  8. Narious you will never let me down. Hope everyone will enjoy the game, no matter what, win or fail. Good job SM
  9. I must admit there was a period you guys fed most of the heroes
  10. But I must agree with the rest of your post. Class based +++
  11. If someone take hero and decide to not play it is his right.
  12. No one said there wont be HT. Opal always listen our suggestions.
  13. And most of HT heroes were from CF/SA xD Most feeded were from Tf
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