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  1. I've just made my point,thanks
  2. The only thing i've learnt the past 6 years on the forums is not to start arguing with people with boosted ego.I am not in the mood to go into this, we both know it's never gonna end. FYI: SA wasnt the side with the least numbers(LOL)
  3. I'm not mad or anything,i am just wondering if you guys for once can agree that you lost something and it wasn't because the whole server set up a conspiracy against you. I mean,it's okay to lose,we know you go mental if you do but it's just a game,just go along with it. (you guys are flaming yeahthegreek butyou do the same thing after each event.)
  4. man you got proof?Show me the red button on TS so i can believe it was global voice...obvious dickhold omg
  5. i was actually online with Erdi's char (you pmed and can confirm it) and i got some pms from a few people from favela/SA but the answer was clearly a no,i can provide screenshots if you want me to
  6. when you lose castle,claim dickholding.
  7. we actually stopped them but then had to go town cause flag was down and most of our people were dead,LOL.
  8. really wondering who was helping who.
  9. server isnt up yet,and the patch will be ready soon,join sublimity discord for more info
  10. Opal has to work with the respawn times.Some epics could be fixed with +/- 30 window to provide pvp and some others could remain retail-like (whatever the respawn time was and the 1 hour window) to be fair for the whole community.
  11. on the low-rate areas only ( ketra & Garden of Genesis ). Everywhere else they last for 1 hour.
  12. party up with other people like l2 is meant to be played?
  13. Phobia

    Moonstone shards

    30 minutes on an EMPTY spot...now imagine the first few hours of a live server.
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