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  1. @Mephisto Bro can i have the link to download the thins u use to costumize the l2 client like yours, really really like it the skills look and the system message window
  2. Can someone give me a download link to some addons to costumize my system messege Windows so its easier to see my damage, the damage i took and if a debuff landed (like gloom, surrender, silence, etc). I dont want to fuck up my client so thats why i am asking for it.
  3. I am sure cuz i try to play LoL full graphics and nothing happens, even dark souls 2 and yet i can play perfectly just happen when i play l2
  4. Since the soul update, when i am playing sublimity my pc just restart herself at random time, it happens more often when i go to take malahrias or going to rb in some strange maps. I tried everything reinstalling the game, changing the graphics ingame checked my hardware normal temp. So if anyone can help me please is really annoying playing like this. Desde el update del set soul mi pc empezo a reiniciarse mientras juego y esto pasa mucho mas amenudo cuando voy a lugares o mapas raros de rb o a hot spring por malharias, ya intente reinstalando el l2, intento jugar por horas juegos
  5. I am just looking a good solution to 10k dmg hits :D and server is already starwars and very similar to brasil jave 9000x, 2 Custom set, custom wep, custom hats, shirt, custom shield, grade s at lvl 67, attack and casting speed boosted, custom set apparience Hahahaha come on and all those reasons is why we loove sublimity and still playing it
  6. Since everyone like hats in sublimity, you can try to make some new custom hats with defensive effects like pdef, mdef, ressist stun, resist cancel things like that to improve pvp
  7. Thats what i am saying, i am not taking side mages, archers and daggers are way too broken, pvps last 2 - 3 secs
  8. I play mages but my topic is talking in general i am playing right now necro and OL and i know SPS are broken, every light vortex is m crit, but also i got 6k 7k for every ghost sentinel crit and daggers is impossible to kill all the daggers skills lands perfectly and u cant even targeet then
  9. I dont understand why every new patch and every new item on the server is to incrase the power of mages, every pvp is won by the first who hit the other. You need to make items for p def and m def, magic critical are too often and critical from archers are impossible to deal with, also daggers rape every class with 2 o 3 blows. So the pvp 1vs1, 2vs2 are stupid u can even laucn gloom+silence cuz ur dead by the time you finish casting that skills.
  10. I used the option for FPS performance but didnt like to play without the soulshot glow. So i remove that option then logged in again and the SS glow didnt appear :s
  12. I think no one care about the new players that joins terra by him self, Come how the fuck can u farm or master your shirt if ur just fresh starting no one want a dark crystal am+4 in the party at pt zone. And making the party zone an archer zone is so stupid if u want to master your mage shirt you need to be the bp or put it to the fcking cat cuz no one wants a mage at pt zone...
  13. My points is for helping the new players, i know that the drop rate of bews were perfect at the start, but atm i think if the admin incrase it just a little or put another way to get bews weill be very nice.
  14. I know the % is not hard, i am talking about getting the bews
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