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  1. Server Down? Crashed? Cant log.
  2. Whatever opal do there always someone flaming and saying that was worst update ever. I farmed a set in ketra alone only with doomcryer and titan and haste potion . Good luck.
  3. That's good ideia I did like 23 times the barakiel and nothing
  4. invisible mobs with 5927282738383 p attack like the old guards of ef
  5. Same in gog drop stones
  6. You must make one quest before
  7. Azidur

    pvp kings

    With that zerg if u guys dont win the epics then jump from 50th floor.
  8. Azidur


    there is already 37647374 posts of it.
  9. u have to refer the out number aswell
  10. No if there is a p bow +16 on the floor i will dont see
  11. I believe is time to remove that piece of shit from the server. there are 7834873409238542340823 hearts on the floor cmon im fuking lagging alot couse of that, cmon the server is getting bored and with lag doenst helps at all. Sad.
  12. Translator detected aushais
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