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  1. Changes to Normal Raids.

    quit but still posting...you have separation anxiety?
  2. Frintezza 9vs18+

    you must get mad pussies! these guys def fuck.
  3. One last fraps

  4. And you are so important #VIP #Thankyouforyourservice
  5. how many ppl online?

  6. get ready for the weekend dragons sieges,ayyyyy

    What are Saturdays for?
  7. IRL Baium Ring - Offer fast

    Tree fiddy
  8. Orbis Temple - Fixes and Suggestions

    You're just butt hurt cause your sorry ass got mute so you're quitting just as you should cause nobody begs you to play. Why even play anyway if you're gonna shit talk? Pretty sure saw you dying last night so that's probably the reason you're quitting. I work during the day, log in the night and find tons of fun farming, pvping and raiding with people. Not everything in life comes immediately like you want it to be, take what you can take and appreciate what you have cause there's a reason you're still here bitching instead of just quit. There's a reason why we're all here playing an old ass game instead of playing some high quality graphic games that everyone talks about. You don't have to post about your negativities cause trust me, nobody will miss you and beg you to stay, I know for sure I won't.
  9. easiest siege ever

    Literally almost every thread I read on this forum there are always certain people that would comment and turn the whole topic to themselves. Like the universe revolves around them. Desperate for attention I should say. But I'm just a rando, what do I know.
  10. Orbis Temple - Fixes and Suggestions

    Right?! but make it so they people don't feed points though. I'm all about changes but they have to be for the better. Like you have certain points and you lose a point if you die and you have to get a certain amount at the end of the day to get the coin or something like that. Make people gamble for what they want. Put more thrill into it. Other wise certain people will take the easy way, feed themselves and cheat their way through the system.
  11. Orbis Temple - Fixes and Suggestions

    Agreed. Give the people a purpose to go out out town to actively farm, seek parties, find pvp, and have competitions. Sometimes just a small tweak or adjustment will do the job cause the little things matter.
  12. Destr and Frenzy in Orbis

    Stop fucking crying about everything, find a party or make a party and you can farm like how it should be. You're playing like a selfish prick that thinks making a titan is the only solution to farming. I farmed lastnight with a bunch of people I don't even know and it was a blast. All you do is bitch about things that seems inconvenience to your selfishness of wanting to get all the loot and not share among others. p.s. maybe you should take some time off and learn English or actually translate it well rather than crying about shit all day.
  13. It needs to be changed

  14. Mobs in Orbis - party zone

    Did you even read what you typed? It's a dogon party area, not somewhere that you could solo with your titan. It's meant to be farmed with other people in a party. Go to the solo zone with your titan, you won't die, I promise.
  15. Phoenix recipes for RT