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  1. Is that adressing to me or the whole community? Because i personally never abused or disrespect you or any rule. Sometimes chat can confuse things thats why i am asking. As for the TERRA being the pre-lobby to test everything and prepare the new project , that is something i was telling to my mates you may doing. I wish you ll do your best and you ll see your project succeeded so we can all have fun and enjoy Sublimity :)
  2. I didnt want to advertise by mistake another server if you mean that. I mentioned that because its the newest opening these days and i saw some things. I understand that you support the players who still stay. This honoring you and this is professionalism and respect. You may know better but i cant think a way this can return back to life. Do you really believe that Terra can have again people on without wiping and remaking the whole project? Finally, i want to explain that except toxics who left within 2 weeks (they damaged server) there are others who left because of no activity and not because they disrespect you and your project.
  3. Yes, its true we never got any help in server , a clan award or something. We could probably at least take some reputation points for not having to create bots for academy and spend hours and hours of my life. But thats not the issue here. None clan should take anything at any way. This isnt the right way to keep server alive. I moved 4 cps premade to l2gold i played two days and i dissolve the whole project which btw had tons of chances taking the server. First of all , i dont like this Gold server (sublimity could be better) even if it has 2k people online and second and most important there are periods in life we should focus in certain real life things because needs are getting higher and higher. Most of the community now its above 25 years of age. That means obligations. Opal should understand that putting updates with tons of farm (see phoenix jewel) cant bring more people in server. Let me give my final suggestions. First of all wipe Terra. Accept its over. There is no point to keep it alive. Re-organize your project: Keep classic gameplay style but basically keep things as much simple as you can. No low rate zones, no tons of farming , no need to dual box More areas. 1 area server is easily gets boring. Different concepts at different areas. Test every single bug . Even a minor bug can kill a server within a week. Balanced pvp. Test from 20lvl till full gear to ensure its balanced. Proactive than active. Have ready all the updates that you have tested already, make a schedule and put them strategically ingame. If you want newcomers through time just dont put so powerful items ingame. Again , keep it more simple. Have an active administrators team. That they work against bots, they are doing events, they can help YOU completing your work faster (1 man army). Last but not least, ADVERTISE HARD from start. Find ways for players to have a reason to vote. In 2017 with no advertising and more than half of remaining players never heard of sublimity cant go far. And finally.. Open donations strategically. Find a plan for opening donations such way they dont ruin the server. This is probably the best shedule for the best project. If not best, something really cool. Are you interested of continuing your brand? If so , have these at the back of your mind. You still can open a successful server in December. If so i may come back ingame . Me and hundreds of others. :)
  4. Fred


    hahahaahhah hello montajndju :) Ye we actually ninja took baium! Yes funny if you think was our first time coming to baium (calculated). Anyway , VIRUS moved to another server because of the innactive server. 4 cps premade. I will personally leave the new server and the game and i ll let virus to another mate. This isnt because the new server isnt good. It actually started with 3k people. Its because i am spending more and more time in the game and my needs are getting higher and higher in real life. And because i recognize myself as an l2 junkie i have to remove this toxin from me , at least for a while. I am sad sublimity ended like this. I was at x3 retail for 3-4 years, few other midrates and those 2 sublimity servers. Sublimity is by far the best midrate server. I ll be there at next one probably but many things should changed. For example as i see in this new srvr and opal already knows that there are tons of ways to promote the server (social media, hopzone, etc etc) . Somehow administrators didnt do that here. Server started with 70% toxic comminity that left into first month and there was nothing could bring new people into server to support the other healthy 30%. Why? No one answers that. I had a mate spent about 1,5k dollars. There are mates of yours spent lots of money also. There are others like me who spent 0. But money came to owner and he could advertise server hard. A server in 2017 needs advertising (most of the remaining l2 players never heard of sublimity). Strategically adding donates. It is so easy to ruin the server if you open wrong donations. New things. Keep the old classic style but add new things. Balanced classes , balanced pvp. SA and Virus really tried to keep server alive. I personally did till it was obvious i cant keep my mates anymore being afk in Giran. Eternal avatars also tried for the same. Now there is no return. Environment isnt friendly for new players. The solution is a new sublimity. Re-organize things. Add new concepts in game New areas and the plural is because 1 area server is getting easily boring. You can have multiple concepts at multiple areas Bug tests so new server is bugless check everything if its balanced. From 20 lvl till full gear. Manage donations , open them differently. ADVERTISE HARD. Give players a reason to vote, make them vote and increase the population. Reset everything , open new l2sublimity at December. Till then , have fun to everyone :)
  5. Fred


    Due to the new update we stay warm and ready for action. We are still looking for several new entries in team. If you are interested pm me , only in forum for now because i am away for vacations. If you are new player in server , you can also have a chat with me. Thank you
  6. I am glad to see that several players even from enemy teams understand my points and what i am trying to discuss. Much respect for them. I wont answer to any topic telling me about crying or wars, first because this isnt topics subject and second because i/we never cried about anything in server. As for my team ,Virus will never leave server because of any lose at any task. The only reason i would probably move virus is servers population and innactivity. Have nice vacations all of you see you next week!
  7. Fred


    We may took this but its so sad. If you understand what i mean.
  8. Correct. people keep doing this and usually with not a popular class so they dont have to give many fights. HT or Oly , Oly or HT something must happen to balance things around and create the environment for older and new players. Or unfortunately the server we like to play will eventually go totally dead. The win now for everyone is a server we can enjoy and that means, population , pvps, events, new updates and tasks.
  9. I really dont know where to draw the line. Environment now its for sure not friendly for new comers. For example, there is a topic from a team "unrealbrothers'' which announces that a new cp coming to the server. I already had a chat with their leader ingame. Tell me now if those dudes have any potential in server unless they other teams.
  10. I didnt cry about your heroes zodac i am congratulating you instead. My point is olympiad for this server and this servers status. If server had population it would be a different story.
  11. I said he deserved hero 10000% . This means i am totally sure he does. That doesnt mean others dont deserve that also. For me hero tournament is the option to go and thats the end of story. This is MY opinion. Find a strategy that fits you, organize your team to have as much more participation you can and go. Heroes will split, no one feeds , server gets more competition. What do you expect for the next 2 weeks till hero tournament? Having pvps around? Having people coming to epics to compete; This wont happen , you already know that. I repeat for the last time, i am not degrading this victory. Server has olympiad and atb worked well for that. Next weeks will confirm my thoughts.
  12. i never told that someone doesnt deserve the glow. I mentioned bibby as one of the strongest oly players in atb. As for the epics and kamyls post, you should understand what i am talking about. The feature isnt for this server. It is obvious that olympiad cant work fair in this population. Thats my point, not your heroes. I told that we didnt participate not to excuse ourselfs. It was just an information. Listen, i am not trying to degrade your win. I dont have that kind of personality to do so. I am trying to make you understand what would be the best option for servers health. The only thing we need is competition, people around and a healthy bugless server. Whats the point of getting 30 heroes and walking around on an empty map; I personally dont care if my team takes 30 heroes that they are afk next to gatekeeper waiting for the next epic to play. Congrats again for your organization.
  13. So , first of all congratulations for being so well organized to feed 24 heroes. That is amazing by it self. Congratulations to Bibby the only guy which deserves that 1000% and can farm a whole team. Those 2 weeks will change and kill every single hope of this server getting back to life. You did your job and you did that fine, but this resulting to a more dead server. We personally didnt participate to olympiad. Many didnt, not only us. So these are my thoughts. Big sides left. Few parties stayed in server with an obvious advantage because of epics in their inventory and better gear. When big sides left the server , new teams tried to rise up. For those teams it was already difficult to reach parties who stayed. Those days , these teams started to participate in events and bring some pvps in servers. Olympiad came and we have 24 heroes for ATB. That olympiad kills everything about servers future and you will see what i mean next days. You may not care , you may do but this is the result. If we ALL wanted a server with competition, Hero Tournament its the only way to claim heroes. Why? Because heroes would split in different teams so every team will get a piece of the cake. Olympiad is a retail system which works pretty well on HIGH populations. Not 200 people. I am a retail player who used to participate in olympiads. But with 3k people and 20-30 teams around not 4. This isnt ofcourse your fault. You did what you have to do. The whole feature is faulty. Olympiad yes...not for this server though.
  14. Hello everyone, After a period of farming , supporting new players and a major clean up we are looking forward to recruit 1 more CP to our crew. Top Gear players are now in high priority. That means we dont deny any talk with others but invites are not so easy anymore if you dont meet basic requirements. Virus must present at ''big'' events for many reasons and especially a crucial one which is servers life and competition around. This is our goal and what we are determined to do. You can pm me here in forum with your nickname and your general info. Thank you
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