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  1. [CLAM]unKnownZ

    Ytp will quit again
  2. What happened to all the good leaders?

    24 parties - 180 members not bad
  3. LF SIDE

  4. All my videos I make intros like that
  5. drunkLizards side

    we're with 4 parties atm, recruiting 1 CC party pm with infos
  6. R1P

    esse framont sabe nem usar o forum, meu Deus
  7. Last sublimity?

    will be sad play next sublimity servers, knowing will be last server :( 10 years wasnt enought 20 years ftw
  8. ShowTime Gaming Legacy

    are you guys playing at least or it's was just another topic that u guys did, like every single server that open and never show up?
  9. Servidor

    Si 17.11.2018 20:00
  10. 5 Minutes

    join discord for infos
  11. anyone knows?

    OpalSnowHoje às 23:34 News incoming. One moment
  12. lf cp

    beast to carry