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  1. Magic barrier / Shield / Windwalk / Acumen / Wild Magic / Berserker Spirit / Bless the Body / Empower / Greater Shield / PoW or Magnus chant / Song of Wind / Song of Earth / Song of Warding / Song of Vitality / Song of Renewal / Dance of the Mystic / Dance of Concentration / Dance of Siren
  2. Correct but there are other ways to keep people farming and let other people login and pew pew.
  3. There are people who gotta work and want to play L2 >.> just open up the weapons
  4. Again an awful comment based on nothing.
  5. PS: Just answering that guy saying NOBODY WILL PLAY SERVER http://www.maxcheaters.com/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=stats&do=who&t=174849 9,951 Views Take Care
  6. Just reading a bit @ this topic. Never asked anyway to post my server name at this forum. I got hugh respect for Opalsnow and I think that he did a really good job with all the stuff and idea's he made. I was even playing on this server myself. Im not trying to take his community or anything, this is your own choice and as I mentioned @ mxc I do not want to split community, if Sublimity still has plently of pvp and fun I will wait untill i launch my own server. NEVER done anything bad towards any of these people who are flaming me. Why are you judging me on corruption while u got no proof nor anything that confirms this. Doing my best to give everyone a really good pvp and stable server, I do not want anything more. Also there will some cool stuff so you guys will 100 % sure know that I am not giving ANY GEAR to any clan or player. Have fun on this server and might see you around @ mine. @ Opalsnow , take care wish u the best
  7. Who gives a shit if hes using wallhack or not, he tried to fraps the fights from a whole different and neutral pof. I think that this is pretty awesome, only the vid is tooo fast.. anyway good job.
  8. Awesome vid! Awesome music!
  9. Munich

    WTB +16 PBOW

    Send me private message ingame or at forum
  10. struggling? tig3rs days are over.
  11. i won 10times and still got shit
  12. Ban this fuckin prelude already flaming every post that is being made. ur a big fuckin fail mate realise that.
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