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  1. WTB Soul Light+6

    Still buying soul set light+6 same offer if some1 is interested
  2. WTB Soul Light+6

    I will be online in few hours if u can wait, im at work now tell me ur name in game so i pm u ok?
  3. WTB Soul Light+6

    Im giving phoenix heavy+6, light+6, robe+6, phoenix bow+10 and phoenix mace+10
  4. WTT 140 TOP Life Stones

    Trade 140 life stones give some offer
  5. About the event Bug maybe?

    Same here.
  6. WTT Archer gear for Mage

    Trade p.bow+12 and P.light set for P.robe and p.mace+12 or 11 and some good stuff
  7. Latin American proxy, Bugs and PvP

    Bio For President.
  8. What about some bonus stuff ?Xp etc.

    Link ur account with l2sublimity facebook and u will get ur bonus xD