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  1. Olympiad

    No it shouldnt, ladder is up when the heroes are up. We got l2off files, not java.

    Use /useshortcut 1 1 (bar, number of box) for armors and weapons and /useskill (skill name) for skills.
  3. Olympiad

  4. Fix server's daily pvp & epics - 0 pvp for 2 days.

    - Pagans temple in the end, left and right doors are open and you are going a semi-chaotic area with better drops and you can pk without having your items dropped, PI has entire beach semi-chaotic. - Like there was on the previous server? In the party zone? - Thats up to what you guys talked about, leaders talked with OpalSnow i believe.
  5. Loggin in problems again

    Server crushed, it will be up shortly.
  6. when will be Donations available ?

    First donations will be simple time consuming things like sub class noblesse etc.
  7. PA/RUNES/etc qquestion

    No there arent any exp boosts.
  8. Level gap

    Yes, next reboot.
  9. Augment passive/active skill

    It can be traded and dropped, you can check it by yourself ingame.
  10. Customs

    To your first question, nothing is decided yet. About mana potions, you can just not make them auto.
  11. redbull or monster pack for tonight?

    Dont drink red bull and monsters, 1 can is like 3 coffees lol
  12. how can i run 2-3 clients?

    You wont have any problem when the server launches.
  13. features

    Until b grade, yes you can buy mana potions.
  14. This Server is Fail for Alone Players?

    He can "farm" them by trading whatever he gets from solo zone to get items that he needs.
  15. Hello

    Hello Sinastara, good to see you back!